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Here’s a great place to start your education! I’ve created a File Types Cheat Sheet for you to use. This handy guide will, at a glance, tell you what files to use when uploading images to your website or social media. It will clue you in to what programs to use to create specific files like logos and images for digital and print. This document will also explain what types of software you can use to get started with desktop publishing.

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Check here, often, to find new content and to get great tips on Graphic Design, desktop publishing, and software applications. This content is free and available 24/7/365. So, dig in…

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I have worked in the Graphic Design industry for multiple companies for 30+ years and have been a freelance designer for 10+. I specialize in clean and lean design. Straight forward and to the point is what helps businesses increase their awareness in the community and improve their bottom line with new clients while staying in touch with current customers.

I’ve been an educator in various fields over the past 25 years and love being able to share the knowledge I have with others. There’s nothing better than helping someone achieve a goal whether that’s learning something new or implementing a successful direct mail campaign.

This project is incredibly important to me and so is your success.

Michelle Sheler